Why Start Early


Learning a new language at any age is an enormously rewarding experience in many ways. While language learning is an enriching experience for all ages, children have the most to gain from this wonderful adventure. Quite simply, starting early offers the widest possible set of benefits and opportunities.
Higher test scores: Numerous reports have proven that students who have studied a foreign language perform much better than their monolingual peers on many standardized tests, including all sections of the SAT. In fact, the 2007 College Bound Seniors report, issued by the College Board, which administers the SAT, vividly demonstrates the significant benefits of studying a foreign language. The report shows that students with 4 or more years of foreign language study score on average 140 points higher (out of 800!) than students with half a year or less experience on the Critical Reading section, and almost another 140 in the Math section and over 150 points higher on Writing.
Better and more advanced reading skills: A study undertaken by York University in Canada suggests that bilingual children’s knowledge of a second language gives them an advantage in learning to read. Their ability to apply the insights and experiences of one language to the other as well as their wider experience of language gives them a big leg up. As they grow older, this advantage continues and grows. Plus, being able to read two languages is pretty impressive all by itself!
Greater confidence: Children are always discovering new things, but learning a new language is a uniquely rewarding experience—at any age. For children, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with their first steps toward a second language can spur them on to a deeper and broader passion for learning in general. And because children are at a special “window of opportunity” in which language learning is intuitive and natural, the ease and pleasure of the experience may boost their confidence and their desire for new discoveries.
Gives brains a boost: In a recent article in The New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell quotes James Flynn, a renowned scientist, as saying “The mind is much more like a muscle than we’ve ever realized… It needs to get cognitive exercise. It’s not some piece of clay on which you put an indelible mark.” Research into the effects of bilingualism on children suggests that exposure to more than one language is an excellent way of flexing those brain muscles—and building them up too! Bilingual children in one study reported in Nature showed a significantly larger density of “grey matter” in their brains. And those who had been exposed to a second language from an early age proved to have the most grey matter of all. Grey matter is responsible for processing information, including memory, speech and sensory perception. And if it can be increased by exposure to a second language, then language learning would be just like taking your brain to the gym!
Natural-sounding, native-like accent: Children are always mimicking what they hear, and are surprisingly good at it! They are uniquely attuned to slight differences in tone and sound. Their sensitive ears help them pick up on and duplicate the tricky sounds adults and even adolescents often stumble over.

Window of Opportunity Brain researchers have discovered that a window of opportunity exists for optimal foreign language acquisition which diminishes after the age of . Children are endowed with an innate gift that allows them to learn languages and their pronunciations with ease. Unfortunately this gift fizzles as we grow older, and as adults, we struggle. Whether at age 8 or 10 or the onset of puberty, at some point we lose their ability to absorbs and produce the full range of human sounds. For example think of Henry Kissinger, Nobel Peace Prize-winner and former US Secretary of State. Despite having lived in America for the last 72 years, he still speaks English – and perfect English, at that – with a strong German accent. Meanwhile, Walter, his less-known brother, today sounds like a native English speaker. How is this so? When The Kissinger family emigrated from Germany to New York in 1938, Henry was already 15 years old. Walter was only 13. This age gap affected how the two brothers would speak English until this very day.
What a difference two years makes!
Greater opportunities for college and careers: Colleges now place an increasingly high value on knowledge of more than one language. As the admissions process becomes more competitive across the board, knowing a second or a third language adds a new dimension to an applicant’s resume. And as the economy becomes more and more globalized, English-only becomes less and less of an option.
Bigger view of the world: Traveling abroad is an experience which can benefit anyone, offering not just new sites to see, but new frames of mind and new perspectives. But going abroad and feeling comfortable in the language of your destination means you’re doing more than just traveling—going from your home to another place, and then back home. You can feel as if you’re a part of the culture and the life of this new world, as if you aren’t a total stranger just visiting. Like reading a poem in another tongue you know, you will hear more than just the language—you will hear the music behind it as well, and the life.
Greater grasp of one’s first language—including a bigger, richer vocabulary: Most of the time we use our first language with little thought to grammatical rules or constructions. This is perfectly natural, but the experience of learning a new language can bring greater understanding and perhaps even better grammar to our first language. Knowing the way another language works encourages us to examine our own language’s mechanics in a positive way. By being able to compare the two, we learn more than we ever would as a monolingual. Or as Nancy Rhodes, Director of Foreign Language Education at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC says, “The more children learn about a foreign language, the more they understand about their own language.” Children use what they learn in one language to reinforce concepts and terms they’ve learned in the other. They can solidify their gains in their native tongue by matching them to their new adventures in another language.
Building and keeping cultural connections: Some of us are lucky enough to have a relative who still speaks their mother tongue frequently. To be able to communicate with them in that language builds a bridge—not only to that person, but to the heritage and history they represent. To maintain that connection keeps alive so much—memories, stories and traditions—and brings to life new memories, stories and traditions as well.
An all-family activity: Modern life is hectic; its demands are frequent and often contradictory. Learning a language together as a family provides a unifying activity which doesn’t require you to drive your kids anywhere, and doesn’t make it necessary to be in ten places at once. Starting this process early with your child or children provides your family with an activity and an experience it can return to and grow with over the years.
Your child and your family will benefit—in these ways and others—from learning a second language. You will find new and even unique uses, opportunities and ideas open up as you adapt your language learning process to you and your child’s needs and aspirations.
Starting now means the possibilities are wide open!



CLASS programs – learning with a fun factor.
Young children are the most receptive language-learners, and bilingual kids have an advantage in school, on standardized tests, in college admissions and their careers. Academy of CLASS makes learning a language fun, so why not set them on the path to success now?
A perfect option for young people who wish to expand their language skills in order to succeed in life:
• Learning a second language has a positive influence on children’s intellectual capacities
• It encourages and enriches intellectual development
• It enhances mental agility
• It aids understanding of the native language
• It lays the foundation for an understanding and appreciation of other cultures
• It provides a sound basis for language learning at school
• It improves job opportunities in many fields
How it works:
All language instructors on the Academy of CLASS programs are native speakers and have experience working with children. Our innovative method combines language, art and culture education to help our students to receive the best possible educational experience. For all European languages ( Spanish, French, German, Italian , Russian) the language education is fully compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – a European standard for evaluating the different levels of language proficiency.
The framework recognizes 6 different levels in the 4 skill areas: speaking, reading, writing and listening.
Breakthrough (A1)
Very basic concrete communication. Survival vocabulary & very limited knowledge of grammar. Capable of very short 1 or 2 word answers about personal & familiar topics.
Waystage (A2)
Simple & direct exchange of information possible about familiar & routine tasks. Can ask for & provide everyday goods & services. Can deal with simple transactions in shops, post offices & banks.
Threshold (B1)
Understands the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters. Can enter unprepared into conversation about familiar topics & connect ideas in a simple way. Can provide information, take messages, give simple instructions & deal with less routine problems, e.g. complaints. Can describe events, experiences, hopes & ambitions, give reasons, explanations of plans & opinions.
Vantage (B2)
Understands the main points of both concrete & abstract input. Can take active part in discussions on familiar topics, support ideas, discuss advantages & disadvantages, speculate about causes & hypothetical situations. Can interact spontaneously & fluently enough with a native speaker to avoid strain for either party.
Proficiency (C1)
Capable of fluent, spontaneous almost effortless communication.Can understand extended speech & present clear detailed descriptions of complex subjects.Can use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.
Mastery (C2)
Almost native speaker level. Can interact spontaneously & with ease. Consistent grammatical accuracy even when otherwise engaged or distracted. Extensive knowledge of idioms & colloquial expressions. Able to use different degrees of formality & differentiate finer shades of meaning.



Language education and art can complement and assist each other. When a concept is not clear in its written form, the visual form can assist the learner to comprehend, and likewise, when the visual form is confusing and unclear, the written form can facilitate understanding.
Through the ages art has been a means of visual expression used to convey a wide spectrum of tangible and intangible ideas. Art can take the spectator into different times and into different worlds. It can also be used to introduce different levels of vocabulary to learners of a second language.

Learning a second language for most adolescents is, a very difficult and trying experience. They are not only trying to adjust to a new language but are also trying to adjust to themselves and a new environment. They are self-conscious about almost everything, but they are especially self-conscious about their performance in the classroom. By shifting the focus from the student to an abject, everyone participates, thus eliminating a certain degree of self-consciousness.
The experience the student has with art in the classroom has to be enjoyable for both the student and the teacher. If the atmosphere in the classroom is too serious or stressing it will not serve any useful purpose. In fact, if there had been any of even a slight chance of getting the student involved with art (even if superficially) it might disappear completely if not approached with care. I do not propose a deep study of art but to use art as a teaching tool in language development. The underlying meaning or messages in the piece of work are not important at this point, it serves as a means of instruction, we are not really studying it (the painting itself). This situation can be compared to a boat sailing on the ocean. We are concerned only with the boat, not with everything below it. The student becomes familiar with the works of art but s/he does not really have to understand them, it is the first impression that the student receives as a new observer that will provide the starting point in introducing vocabulary.

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There are ways to make learning languages fun and include the other important skills. The Academy of CLASS is dedicated to immersing our students in culture, art and society while they learn a new language. The experience will be enjoyable, enriching and truly beneficial.
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